Why did participation in overseas campaigns devastate Roman farmers?

1. Why did participation in overseas campaigns devastate Roman farmers? What was the further fate of the citizens who lost their land? 2. Why did the ruin of the farmers worry Tiberius Grac-ha? 3. What law was proposed by the tribune Tiberius Gracchus? Why did the senators resist its adoption? 4. How did Tiberius Gracchus die? 5. What do you know about Gaius Gracchus? What was his fate?

1. The legionnaire returned after a long absence and saw: the field was overgrown with weeds, the hoes and sickles were plundered, the cattle shed was empty. For the poor, who lost their property, there was one road – to Rome, where crowds of impoverished citizens lived on odd jobs.

2. Tiberius was alarmed, he understood how dangerous the accumulation of a mass of slaves, always unfaithful to their masters.

3. Tiberius proposed to adopt such a law: no family should use more than a thousand yugers of state land. The senators had a lot of land, such a law was not beneficial for them.

4. Tiberius was reported falsely to the Senate.

5. Gaius Gracchus continued the work of his brother. He did not want to surrender to his enemies and committed suicide. I think that’s right

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