Why were the Opium Wars so called, and what were the goals and results of these wars?

The name comes from the name of the drug that was obtained from the poppy. It was called opium. The drug causes rapid and inevitable addiction. For this reason, the market for such a product is huge. The cost of opium poppy is a penny. The profit that the finished drug brings is hundreds of times higher than the costs. As a result of trade relations between Great Britain, a kind of inequality has turned out. The Chinese authorities have banned the import of the most lucrative British product into the country. It was opium. The widespread drug addiction of the Chinese undermined the economy and corrupted society. As a result of the First Opium War, Great Britain received Hong Kong and the very lucrative “Nanking Treaty”. England and France participated in the Second Opium War against China. As a result, the Chinese lost. After both wars, a huge indemnity was paid. China again suffered territorially. In the colonies, the Chinese became slaves.

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