Write a program for entering elements of array b [1..6] from the keyboard and displaying elements with positive values.

Let’s denote an array of six numbers by the letter a. The ordinal number of array elements is the letter i, and the values of array elements are a [i]. We will use the loop operator with the for parameter. Then a program in the Pascal ABC programming language may look like this:

program zadacha;

uses crt;

var a: array [1..6] of integer; {Description of the array}

i: integer;


for i: = 1 to 6 do begin

writeln (‘vvedite a [i]:’);

readln (a [i]); {Entering array elements from the keyboard during program execution}


for i: = 1 to 6 do

if a [i]> 0 {Find positive array elements}

then writeln (‘a [i] =’, a [i]); {Displaying positive array elements to the screen}


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