Write down the reaction equations: СН4 → С2Н2 → СН3СОН → СН3СООН → (CH3COO) 2Mg.

1) 2CH4 → C2H2 + 3H2 (conditions: temperature 1500 degrees Celsius; acetylene (ethine), hydrogen; decomposition reaction).

2) C2H2 + H2O → CH3COH (conditions: mercury salts; acetaldehyde (acetaldehyde); compound reaction).

3) 5CH3COH + 2KMnO4 + 3H2SO4 → 5CH3COOH + K2SO4 + 2MnSO4 + 3H2O (acetic (ethanic) acid, potassium sulfate, manganese (II) sulfate; oxidation reaction).

4) 2CH3COOH + Mg (OH) 2 → (CH3COO) 2Mg + 2H2O (magnesium acetate; exchange reaction, the reaction proceeds, since a weak electrolyte is formed in the form of water).

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