Write the formulas of the ions that make up a) oxides ZnO, Cr2O3 b) bases LiOH, Ba (OH) 2

We write down the ions that make up the following compounds. a) We write for zinc oxide and chromium oxide. ZnO -> Zn (2 +) + O (2 -). Zinc oxide dissociates into zinc cation and oxygen anion. Cr2O3 -> Cr (3+) + O (2-). Chromium oxide dissociates into chromium cation and oxygen anion. 2. We write for lithium hydroxide and barium hydroxide. LiOH -> Li (+) + OH (-). Lithium hydroxide dissociates into a lithium cation and an anion of a hydroxo group. Ba (OH) 2 -> Ba (2+) + 2OH (-). Barium hydroxide dissociates into a barium cation and an anion of a hydroxo group.

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