Write the hydrolysis equation for sodium silicate salt.

Hydrolysis is a chemical reaction between a substance and water, in which this substance and water decompose to form new compounds.
Salt hydrolysis is a type of hydrolysis reactions caused by ion exchange reactions in solutions of soluble electrolyte salts. The driving force of the process is the interaction of ions with water, leading to the formation of a weak electrolyte in ionic or molecular form.
Sodium silicate is a salt formed by a strong base and a weak acid, which means that the reaction proceeds along the anion.
Na2SiO3 + H2O = NaHSiO3 + NaOH
We write it in ionic form.
2Na + + SiO3-2 + HOH = 2Na + + HSiO3- + OH-
We write in the abbreviated ionic form.
SiO3-2 + HOH = HSiO3- + OH-

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