Write the reaction equation: C-co2-c6n12o6-c2n5on-ch3son-ch3coon-ch3coos2n5

Let’s write the equations:
С + О2 = СО2 – the reaction of the compound is exothermic, carbon dioxide is released;
6СО2 + 6Н2О = С6Н12О6 – leads to the formation of glucose;
С6Н12О6 = 2С2Н5ОН + 2СО2 – ethanol and carbon dioxide are released;
С2Н5ОН + CuO = CH3COH + Cu + H2O – ethanal formed;
СН3СОН + Ag2O = CH3COOH + 2Ag – qualitative reaction for aldehyde, silver mirror reaction, obtained silver and acetic acid:
CH3COOH + C2H5OH = CH3COO – C2H5 + H2O – ethyl acetate was obtained.

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