Write the reaction equation: Ethanol – Ethene – Ethane – Chloroethane – Ethyl alcohol – CO2

Let’s compose the equations:
C2H5 – OH = C2H4 + H2O – dehydration reaction, ethene was obtained;
C2H4 + H2 = C2H6 – addition, ethane is released;
C2H6 + Cl2 = C2H5Cl + HCl – substitutions, chloroethane was formed;
С2Н5 – Cl + KOH = C2H5 – OH + KCl – exchange, ethyl alcohol was released;
2С2Н5 – ОН + 6О2 = 4СО2 + 6Н2О – combustion, an exothermic reaction occurs with the release of carbon dioxide.
These reactions show the relationship between organic and inorganic compounds. Reaction products: ethane, ethanol are used as fuel.

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