Write the reaction equations for butanol-2 production from butane, indicate the conditions for their implementation.

In this task you need to write down the reaction equation for the given compounds.

1. The reaction of dehydrogenation.

CH3 – CH2 – CH2 – CH3 -> CH3 – CH2 – CH = CH2 + H2.

As a result, the compound butene -1 and hydrogen are formed. This reaction takes place in the presence of a catalyst, it can be nickel or copper.

2. Reaction of hydration.

CH3 – CH2 – CH = CH2 + H2O = CH3 – CH2 – CHOH – CH3.

When butene – 1 interacts with water, the result is a compound butanol – 2. This reaction proceeds in the presence of sulfuric acid.

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